Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Latest Dig

    I stretched my hand out
    To where she was and
    Unlike in years before
    She let it hang, thinking
    As she did some long ago
    Thoughts, not seeing me
    As she would have once.

    On the cave floor
    Archaeologists found
    Innumerable bones, mostly
    The very young or old.
    The rest, the fit and healthy,
    Died somewhere else,
    Fighting to save

    The rest for here with
    Whatever serenity we
    Survive to pretend,
    Holding hands out
    To those needing
    To lie down here
    On the cave floor.


    Gunfire in the night has
    Ben Trembling and
    Jessica emitting shrill
    Piercing barks.  Duffy
    Watches me, alarmed.   
    I imagine moving
    Us somewhere else.

    I enlisted July third
    Or fifth in 1952.
    Susan died July
    Fourth, three years
    Ago.  A malaise
    Has me reluctant
    To leave the house --

    As when I throw darts
    And Ben lies down
    Beneath the board.
    My scores decay. I
    Strain to reach these
    Days for which
    I never trained.

Torchlight II


    I paint this glory
    I used to hunt, the
    Fleet of foot, the wise
    In their own defense.
    I prevailed time
    After time with this
    Very arm I paint with.

    Some came here to see,
    (They will not stay away)
    What I do here and say.
    I am bewitched they think.
    Perhaps, but look at
    All I’ve done.  I hold
    My torch up so they

    Can see.   They groan
    Weakly, backing away.
    I’ll not be with them
    Very long, giving as I do
    The remaining strength
    I have to she who
    Blesses my efforts.

Torchlight I

    I painted by torchlight
    In my cave, the
    Creatures I’ve seen in
    My long life.  My left arm,
    Crippled by a boar,
    My right must with my life
    Make these images

    On the cave walls
    Despite the elders who
    Claim a closeness to
    Gods greater than mine.
    What have they but
    Time and grayer beards?
    I have this right arm

    And the dreams given me
    By the goddess who lives
    Here calling as she does
    For me to show her what
    It's like outside, and the
    Creatures I’ve seen,
    As she sings.