Tuesday, April 6, 2021

While the Gardener mows


    Do you know how to hop
    About with just one leg?
    Harder than you’d think.
    Muscles grab that you didn’t
    Know you had.  Meanwhile
    Josh waits while Jessica     
    Barks her permission
    For him to go out back to
    Mow, edge.  Edgy when I read
    Barrie wrote Robert Louis
    In Samoa.  Imagined things
    Which more or less became
    The boy who never grew who
    Instead hit his train head on.
    One needs to grow is the lesson
    Here, even if it means growing
    Old. How old can one grow you
    Ask?  He’s mowing now.  Jessica
    Seems to be chewing a wall.    
    Walls surround.  No chewing
    Anyone’s way through any.

    Someone will tell us when
    We’re to be shot.  Someone
    Is always shooting.  Wars
    Are endemic.  Shouting, too
    When regimes change.  Clouds
    Descend bringing rain.
    I hop up on one leg to see.