Thursday, February 6, 2020

On continuing to read House of Government

    The skins of the pod
    Burn away one at a time
    As I hurtled earthward
    Once more – this flinging
    Of myself is as old as I
    Sleeping through the routine
    And the darkness

    Listening for the proximity
    Warning – not hearing as
    Well as I wish – one more
    Meteor, it seems fitting
    Accepting the flesh
    And blood along with
    Iron Pyrite.  Sparkles

    Now appear though I
    Am still quite high.
    Below they know and fire
    At where they think I am.
    My shield, if it works will
    Deflect it all as it has
    Before.  I search my

    Helmet display – see the
    Dnieper further away than I
    Thought.  I’ll stretch though
    With One good leg enough to
    Reach it and then deploy in
    Something I expect will sail
    Me sleeping into the Black sea.