Friday, June 28, 2019


    In the middle of night a
    Coughing loss of breath
    Woke me, chasing
    In another dream she
    Who sped ahead.
    Laden as I was
    Unable to follow though

    Once I was filled with 
    Froth. Through the
    Years she skittered past
    Leaving me racing – her
    Mind beyond – mine
    Letting her run as
    She pleased being
    With me through those
    Years elapsing.  This
    Hunger, this waiting,
    Filled my mind with
    Suspense, bound she
    Became to come to
    Me as I lay back down.

Monday, June 24, 2019

We who won’t be moved

    Despite proclaiming I’d never be
    Moved, my knees seem weak, my
    Feet slide, I stumble, and stagger
    Several steps toward a
    Solid-seeming stone-worked
    Arch.  I stand, shocked
    At what is before me.

    Looking into that space
    I desperately wanted to
    Go back– return to my
    Study’s safe-haven and
    See round about those I’d
    Come to depend upon for
    Stability during this holding-fast.

    I laid my hand upon the first
    Thing that came to mind
    And held it while the world spun.
    “Look you,” an old man said
    To a child as they passed by.
    “That man has hold of a
    Monstrous thought and can’t let go.

Little glimpses of time

    There is little enough
    Left here now: wood
    Chips for a fire;
    Gravel to pile upon
    The next one to die;
    Wry comments on
    The temperature

    Inside and out . . .
    We’ve paced back
    And forth as long
    As I can remember
    And know the final
    Result.  What comes
    Next requires

    Arrogance and aplomb,
    Though no one will
    Believe thinkers with
    That level of confidence.
    Appeal will be made
    To equality of thought
    And a democratic vote.


    He reasoned his way down
    To this time and place
    And sat legs stretched ahead
    Like Gandhi basking
    In his own wisdom.
    “It is all done,”
    He insisted.

    Everything that once
    Was has been discontinued
    And everything before
    Us has been disallowed.”
    His beatific smile
    Radiated self-

    “Worry not about
    Future Warming.
    I shall leave you ice
    And to sooth your
    Fears, each step
    From now on will
    Be someone’s last.”