Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama's victory exposes European hypocrisy,8599,1858658,00.html

The above is an article by Jamey Keaten entitled “Obama’s Victory Inspires European Minorities.” Minority groups in Europe are taking the Obama victory as an opportunity to draw attention to the fact that they do not form the same proportion of government that they do of the population. Being Europeans, these minorities want government to do something about it.

Over here in America we don’t want government to “do” anything about such matters. We like to be able to vote for the best man or woman for the job regardless of race. The fact that we elected Obama doesn’t mean that our government made that possible. It meant that America is color-blind to a very large extent. They voted, most of them I suspect, because they believed Obama was a better choice than McCain.

As anyone would know who has read much of my blog, I did not favor Obama and did not feel he was the best qualified for the presidency, but not for reasons of his “race,” or not because I was prejudiced against his “race,” but because of his Leftist background. I am prejudiced against Leftism.

I also pointed out that he spent 17 years in a church that advocated Black Liberation Theology which is racist in that much of which James Cone (the mentor or Jeremiah Wright) teaches is anti-white. I didn’t have adequate evidence that he hadn’t been influenced by such teaching.

What Europeans are observing is what I have argued in several notes. The Leftist elites in government favor Socialistic Welfare systems and an egalitarian approach toward race, but the European man in the street is still of the ancient European culture which has for centuries been suspicious of strangers. The French elite favored a EU charter, but the French man-in-the-street rejected it. The EU elite has embraced a color-blind philosophy, but the EU man-in-the-street is still prejudiced against non-Europeans – at least to a much greater extent than is true of Americans against non-Americans. (I recall that Hitler called us “mongrels.”) Note that even some of our Southern States, which are still accused of racism, went for Obama.

Maybe we had an easier time accepting our minorities over here. As Keaten wrote, “Europe and the relatively young United States have vastly different histories when it comes to race. The United States is a lot more diverse: Minorities now make up about a third of all Americans. . .” Whatever. Many Europeans still criticize us for being racist over here. First pull the plank from thine own eye, oh Europeans. Then come and tell us how to remove the sliver from ours.”

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