Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Israel ready to destroy Iran's nuclear capability


In the April 14, Reuters article above, written by Louis Charbonneau, we learn again, that Israel is prepared to use military force against Iran if it refuses to give up its nuclear ambitions. Shimon Peres says that if “U.S. offers of dialogue failed to persuade Ahmadinejad to halt Tehran’s uranium enrichment program, ‘We’ll strike him.’”

The Iranian UN Ambassador’s response to Israel’s threat is interesting: "These outrageous threats of resorting to criminal and terrorist acts against a sovereign country and a member of the United Nations not only display the aggressive and warmongering nature of the Zionist regime, but also constitute blatant violations of international law," Iranian Ambassador Mohammad Khazaee wrote.”

Only in an “Authoritative Regime” can one make such absurd statements and expect anyone to believe them. Who would believe them? Why Iranian citizens and the citizens of the other authoritarian Middle Eastern nations. But the facts seem clear to me, Iran is a Rogue State threatening its neighbors through Hezbollah and swearing to destroy Israel. Common sense and ordinary prudence would suggest that Israel would be well served to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons – if it has the means to do so; and we believe that it does.

In 1981 Israel, under Menachem Begin, destroyed the Iraqi nuclear weapons development center at Osirak. Are Iran’s nuclear activities any less of a threat to Israel? Of course not. But perhaps not all Israeli presidents would have acted as Begin did; so we need to ask whether the current one, Shimon Peres, would. We have received our answer: Peres says, “We’ll strike him.”

Now it is up to Obama’s vaunted diplomacy to turn Iranian policy around. As we have guessed, the “military option” is not on Obama’s table, but we have also been fairly certain that it has never left Israel’s. Obama speaks well and can be very convincing. Will he convince Ahmadinejad and Iran’s religious leaders to abandon their nuclear ambitions? Obama hasn’t threatened to “strike him,” but he has threatened “sanctions.” Would sanctions satisfy Israel? We lived through years of sanctions not working against Saddam’s Iraq. Why would they be expected to work any better against Ahmadinejad’s Iran?

Against a nation who can send its Ambassador to the UN to voice the above quoted psychotic absurdities, the military option, should never be off the table.

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