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Fahim's Islamic Spam

On 9-14-09, Fahim Kamtan Mirza submitted what had the form of a response to my note "Is Radical Islam invading Tennessee?" In actuality it had nothing to do with it. That same day, I responded to Fahim and asked him several questions especially if he would distance himself from the more violent representatives of Islam. He has not responded. The more I look at his note, the more I'm convinced it is Spam. We all get Spam. The Spammers don't care about what we think, they just want to sell their product. On a Rhodesian Ridgeback discussion group site, we regularly get Spam advertising dog grooming. I responded once, informing the Spammer that Rhodesian Ridgebacks don't need grooming. Their fur is very short. They can benefit from a bit of brushing in the morning. I manage about a minutes worth before my two are off to re-explore the back yard, but grooming? No. Even so, we still get this fellow's spam. He doesn't care. He works according to statistics. If he sends out 10,000 spam emails and gets back 100 responses, then he is a great success. As to the other 9,900, let them be damned. That's what Spam is.

But after catching my attention, and proving himself to be nothing more than a Spammer, I will take another look at what Fahim has written

Fahim: What Does "Islam" Mean? The word "Islam" itself means "Submission to Allah." The religion of Islam is not named after a person as in the case of "Christianity" which was named after Jesus Christ, "Buddhism" after Gutama Buddha , "Marxism" after Karl Marx, and "Confucianism" after Confucius.

Lawrence: Is Fahim attempting to imply that Islam did not come through Mohammad's commentary? Nonsense. Without Mohammad there would be no Islam. Without Christ there would be no Christianity. Without Gautama Buddha there would be no Buddhism, etc, etc.

Fahim: Similarly, Islam is not named after a tribe like "Judaism" after the tribe of Judah and "Hinduism" after the Hindus. The Arabic word "Islam" means the submission or surrender of one's will to the will of the only true god worthy of worship, "Allah" (known as God "the Father" in Christianity).

Lawrence: I'm reminded here of a Christian Cult Leader, Herbert W. Armstrong, who attempted to support his arguments (British Israelism among them) that theTen Tribes of Israel had immigrated to Europe. He looked at the names of Rivers and countries: Denmark meant the march of the tribe of Dan, for example. The Danube was named after Dan, etc, etc. This sort of argument can take in only the very gullible. It is not based upon history or anthropology. As to how religions and other beliefs are named, they are not named by an external source. Christians, for example, originally called themselves "The Way," emphasizing that Christ was the only way to Salvation, the only way to the father, and all other beliefs, especially those which came later are heresies.

The last book in the Bible concludes with the following: "I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book." This warning has usually been taken by Christians to apply to the entire Bible. Thus, when someone comes later with a "new Gospel" like Mohammad, he is declared a heretic. Note that Paul in Galatians wrote, "But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach a gospel other than the one we preached to you, let him be eternally condemned. As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned."

Fahim: Anyone who does indeed submit to the will of Allah as required by Islam is termed a "Muslim," which means one who has submitted to the will of Allah. Many people in the West have developed the sad misinformed trend of calling Islam "Muhammadenism" and it's followers "Muhammadins." This is a totally foreign word to Muslims and unrecognized by them. No Muslim has ever called his religion "Muhammadenism" or called himself a "Muhammadin."

Lawrence: Fahim continues beating this drum. Did I in my note call Islam "Muhammadenism"? No, I did not; so why is he writing this to me? That is a rhetorical question. He isn't writing this with my note in mind. He is spamming me.

Fahim: What Is The Basic Concept of Islam? Islam teaches us that this life is a life of worship. We are placed on this earth in order to worship Allah and obey His command. During this earthly life we are subjected to a series of trials. We have the option of enduring these trials and conforming to certain laws, and our reward will be great in the next life, or we may decline to endure these trials and choose to not conform to the law, then we will be made to regret it in the next life.

Lawrence: We can see here that Islam is a "works based" religion. A Muslim gets to heaven because he works to get there. He "deserves" it. This is very different from Christianity, which relies upon Christ. A Christian relies upon Christ's righteousness and not his own "lest any man should boast."

However, let Islam be "works based." Let it be so. Now let us look and see what they have made with their work. Look anyplace you like and you see chaotic governments, ignorant gullible people, violent people, people burning and raping and mutilating. Am I looking in the wrong place, Fahim? Then please tell me where to look so I can see the good things that you Muslims have worked. Am I being to general, too vague? Since that is what I criticize you for, I want to avoid that guilt. Look at the cities in Tennessee that began this discussion. Read of how firemen and policemen are afraid to perform their duties in the midst of these people who "worship Allah and obey His command."

I have more examples: Oriana Fallaci (The Rage and the Pride, and The Force of Reason); Bruce Bawer's (While Europe Slept, How Radical Islam is destroying the West from Within), Claire Berlinski's Menace in Europe, why the Continent's Crisis is America's, too); and David Selbourne's the Losing Battle with Islam).

Look at what you have written, but then look out in the world and you will see that the Islam there is very different. It does not match what you write.

Fahim: Each person will be solely and completely responsible for their own final reward. We are also told that God has designed these laws to make this life a better, safer, and more tolerable one for us. If we elect to conform to them then we will see the result in this life even before moving on to the next.

Lawrence: Is life "better, safer, and more tolerable" for you? Middle-Eastern Islam is worse, less safe and less tolerable than all other areas except for sub-Saharan Africa. Even those fanatics, the Communists are better than you. After playing out their experiment for most of the 20th century, they recognized it as a failure and gave it up. But you refuse to give up your failure.

Fahim: We are told that the earthly life is a life of faith and work, and the next life is one of reward and no work. We have been placed on this earth to worship God, fast, pray, be industrious, good, kind, respectful, and a source of uprightness and morality. We are told that God has no need of our worship. Our worship can not increase the kingdom of God nor add to His power, however, it is in our best interests both in this life and the next that we do.

Lawrence: Where can we see this industry? Not in the Middle East, not in North Africa. Not in Pakistan. Where shall I look? And where, pray tell, are you "good, kind, respectful, and a source of uprightness and morality"? Are you "good," you who try time after time to destroy Israel? Do you respect other people's rights? Can we trust you to do the right thing and behave decently? Can we look to you and see examples of Morality? No, we cannot. You do not deserve these attributes. How can you write what you have written? Oh, I've read it before. You need a gloss of obfuscation: Good but only to those who think just as you do. Kind, but only to your kind. Respectful, but only to those who are just like you. The Nazis in Germany could say those things as well. Take your words out of the realm of abstraction and apply them so we can see them for what they are. And we will see that you are no better than the Fascists in these regards.

Fahim: Unlike some other religions which claim that God entered in a covenant with a certain group of people and that this group is genetically better than all other human beings, or closer to God, Islam on the other hand teaches that no color, race, tribe, or lineage is better than any other. Islam teaches that all humans are equal in the sight of Allah and that the only thing that can distinguish them in His sight is their piety and worship.

Lawrence: Fahim criticizes the Jews here, but aren't the Arabs doing the same thig? Don't you criticize those who can't read the Qur'an in Arabic as less than those who can? If I tell you that I have read the Quran, which I have, won't you in a Pavlovian reaction tell me I understand nothing because I don't know Arabic? The Jews, at least want nothing more than to be left alone. You on the other hand make a nuisance of yourselves by intruding yourself into the lives of the rest of us. Why not get your own house in order before first?

Fahim: "O humankind! Verily! We have created you from a male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that you may know one another. Verily! the noblest among you in the sight of Allah is the most God-fearing. Verily! Allah is The Knower, The Aware." The noble Qur'an, Al-Hujrat(49):13. Learn quran because it's the best way to feel Islam learn quran online, learn quran learn quran online, learn quran

Lawrence: And so ends the Spam of Fahim with this quote from the Qur'an, but log onto his web site and you will see the Spammer's hook. You will see that learning the Qur'an on-line costs money. Here is the fee structure for the U.S and Canada. If you live elsewhere there is a fee structure for you as well:

For USA and Canada Monthly Fee:



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