Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ginger not afraid of barbed wire, 8-6-11

[Pentax K20d camera & Pentax 55-300mm lens]




I expected her to walk along on the other side until she found a break in the barbed wire to walk back through, but she chose to go back under the wire.  I thought she might have scraped herself on it, but apparently not.  She has been around barbed wire all her life (from going to the river); so she understands it.

_IGP3109 _IGP3203 _IGP3207 _IGP3210 _IGP3220


I was surprised to see this passenger car down there.  I thought the area to rough for such a vehicle:


It is:


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Anonymous said...

She (they) are definitely hardy dogs and smart! I so love your photos and getting to see your terrain.
Me, S.