Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chris Huhne: a life sentence for speeding?

I was sleepily contemplating another cup of espresso before heading off to a morning hike when I read the startling news that Chris Huhne may face a life sentence for speeding.  I read several more articles and the circumstances became more and more reasonable.  Chris Huhne will probably not receive a life sentence in jail, but it is apparently legally possible for him to do so. 

One can imagine Huhne saying to himself “I am doing important things.  I can’t afford to lose my license.   So what harm can it do,” he continues to rationalize, “if my dear wife takes the blame for my speeding?”   I can understand such a rationalization.  If he is indeed doing important work for the government, he may lose his efficiency to some extent if he loses his license for speeding, especially as it was in the process (or nearly so) of conducting government business. 

All may have gone well and Huhne’s minor violation of British law and would have gone unnoticed except that Huhne decided to leave his wife for another woman.  Fall on your sword for me, dear wife, because I am rushing off to another woman’s arms seems altogether too arrogant, na├»ve, unrealistic and altogether deserving of a life sentence in British jail.  We lock self-destructive people away in various places to keep them from further hurting themselves, don’t we? 

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