Wednesday, March 16, 2016

    16-07        New World            3-16-16

    I was running alone across
    The planetary sand, not earth’s.
    It was okay for me to be
    There, Susan having withdrawn
    After a long run of her own.
    The air was warm and clear.
    High above strange birds watched.

    Later on I dived off a rocky shore.
    Odd-looking fish couldn’t make
    Me out.  I hesitated to fire
    Having no clear-cut need, no
    One to fry for or to see me
    Shoot and come in wringing-
    Wet with a bag full of fish.

    Deeper down was something
    Of a different sort, conjured in
    A dark place that groaned and
    Roiled, with currents that churned
    Rocks and sand, shadows that
    Flitted like eyes darting left to
    Right and spears thrusting in and out.

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