Friday, June 30, 2017

To A Former Subscriber


    “For a former subscriber,” came an
    Invitation “to subscribe again” to the
    New Republic.  It has been fifty
    Years perhaps.  Did they really
    Track me all that long?  “Only
    $14.97" “Response required
    Within five days.”  I hurried

    Through the material.  They plan
    To oppose the administration even
    More than it’s been opposed thus
    Far.  I might as well watch dystopian
    Movies where demented dead
    Stroll the streets seeking anyone
    To devour.  No, I won’t subscribe.

    I’ve watched “The Accountant” who
    Is defective socially but superb with
    Numbers and martial arts – also a fine shot
    As he works for people who wish him to
    Cook their books and tamely die.
    Why do hoards of CEOs still seek him?
    They might as well try to kill John Wicks.

    Does anyone still read this stuff?
    I suppose they must; each generation
    Needing to find out for themselves – No
    Longer as a species do they trust the
    Old which is ready to show them
    Where the berries grow, where water
    Can be found when tempers sizzle.

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