Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Mountain Music


    We liked the soft Mexican music
    Wafting our way from a garage
    Across the street.  We used to
    Stop at a restaurant in Banning
    After having one of her
    Medical examinations up
    Over the mountain in Loma Linda
    Where the best were said
    To work; so it was strange to
     See them fail again and again.
    The music though was nice. 
    We knew the nurses and
    Waitresses.  Susan would
    Forget but I’d remind her,

    Standing at the side porch
    Listening.  Looking up at
    How the sky had turned a
    Pale shade of blue.  She was
    My great passion.  I often
    Wondered as she paused to
    Listen, what I was to her.

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