Saturday, January 4, 2020

On missing my West Wight Potter

I do miss my West Wight Potter, but I don't miss its trailer.  When I bought the Potter I received with it a number of trailer horror-stories.  Most revolved around one's inability to keep sea-water away from the wheel bearings.  You pack grease in there fairly often and hope for the best.  Also, it is such a light affair (the little 14-foot Potter and its trailer) that it bounces about as you drive.  It did however have an extension so I could get it well into the water without getting the car's rear wheels all the way in the water.  Also, I was so paranoid about the trailer that I packed grease on the bearings much more often (probably) than was necessary and so never had an actual horror-story of my own, but worry isn't good for one, as I learned later.

Not that I'd be taking it out nowadays.  I live too far from the ocean and other inconveniences, but I recall that half of the fun with the Potter was sitting out in it on sunny days reading and feeling nautical in my back yard -- especially now that my new neighbor is modifying his driveway and backyard gate so he can get a travel-trailer back there.  When I moved to San Jacinto in 1999 I opted to have a small gate, tree, and grass instead of concrete for a recreational vehicle.  I like the tree too much to get rid of it now even if I could tolerate concrete out front; which I couldn't, but I do still miss the Potter.    The Potter was inadequate for actually sailing in the Pacific waters off the California coast; so later on I sold mine and got a Catalina 22 which Susan liked much better.  I liked the Potter for a free-diving platform not for actually sailing and it was fine for that.

As to creativity, my recent broken-knee-cap mishap has taken my attention away from possible creative considerations -- not that I was in danger of actual creating anything -- but I do regularly consider it. 

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