Tuesday, July 6, 2021

The Good

    Something we all decide
    Blank-slate style
    Or something our forbears
    Fresh from the trees
    Evolved hanging with
    Early wolves?  We now
    Are inclined to find

    Their furry faces
    And wagging tails
    An immense delight.
    And if we don’t
    We are aberrant
    As are thieves
    And other deceivers

    Preying out of twisted
    Passions.  But each
    Generation stores
    Stories that the rest
    May see
    And choose the good.


Zzyzzogeton said...

Are you the Lawrence Helm who used to post on Bladeforums? Someone resurrected a 2014 thread. Perusing through it I realized "you" (if it was "you") hadn't posted in a while, so I went looking for "you" if "you" are the "you" for whom I was looking.

Lawrence Helm said...

Yes, it's me. And yes I haven't posted on Blade Forums in a long time. Were you looking for me for some particular reason?


Zzyzzogeton said...

No, no particular reason other than you used to post frequently and then faded off into obscurity. Someone resurected an old thread and reading through it, I realized "Hey, He hasn't posted in a while." And went looking for a reason, like an obituary or something else. Well, I found the "something else", which is good. 8-) Time flies and it was just surprising to me that you had been MIA that long.

It's a hazard of being an old retire fart with too much time on his hands to go sniffing through the internet in the wee hours when sleep is not a close friend.

And now I found your response from 6 weeks ago lost amongst the hundreds of junk emails that come in every day as I am wasting time here purging those junk emails that seem to precreate at an exponential rate when not dumped immediately.

Stay safe and remember --- bladeforums is still there. And allaboutpocketknives.com has me as a denizen as well.

Wayne "zzyzzogeton" Zieschang

Lawrence Helm said...


I believe I became disenchanted with the forum after I was verbally exercised over taking literally Buck's referring to the handles of some of their fixed bladed knives as wood when "every fool ought to know that they really meant fiber composites."

The last time I added appreciably to my collection I was interested in Klaas and Kissing Crane pocket knives.

As to not quite having an obituary written about me yet, I will be 87 in October, but thus far have none of the typical reason's for dying at my age wrong with me. One of my dogs did trip me going down the stairs a couple of years ago; so now I walk with a walking stick and a limp, but other than that . . .