Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Further on The Werewolf Principle (with spoiler)

  I thought an unhappy ending was inevitable, but not so.  As Blake in a perfect spaceship is sailing out alone (as far as he knows) to search the universe for the intelligence behind it, he is surprised to learn that he has a stowaway: Elaine, the senator’s daughter, whom he was a bit in love with when he met her.  What’s this?  Is this the real Elaine?  Yes, it is, but as she explains, she is the other android.  The Senator’s real daughter committed suicide.  It would have been devastating to the Senator’s career if that were to come out.   Just then, the female android returned to earth, and she looked somewhat like the Senator’s daughter; so, the Space organization gave her to him.  She didn’t realize (somehow) that she wasn’t his real daughter until much later.  After what happened with Blake, she knew that when everyone found out she was an android, Earth would be impossible for her as well.  Space and the Senator intended these two perfect and immortal individuals to be Earth’s best and brightest representatives to whomever they will find out there.  

I do wonder, however, who Elaine’s Questor is.  I assume she wasn’t sent to the same planet Blake was so it wouldn’t be a wolf – I would hope.  

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