Thursday, October 2, 2008

Geert Wilders War! Dutch and EU Islamic Problem

The above article, written by Jacob Laksin is about Geert Wilders. He has produced a film critical of the Islamists; so Islamists, being the reasonable folk that they are, are lining up to have a go at killing him. I can imagine the abuse Geert is suffering in the Netherlands. I mentioned the Muslim problem in France and got instant outrage. I mentioned Bat Yeor and was criticized form mentioning her name. People who describe the problem are attacked. The problem itself is not. The following is from the article:

“The reality, though, is more complex. Although, at around one million, the Dutch Muslim community still is only about 5.8 percent of the population, it is increasingly a majority in some neighborhoods – and a hostile one at that. Overtoomse Veld, the west Amsterdam neighborhood of Theo Van Gogh’s killer Mohammed Bouyeri, is by some estimates 80 to 90 percent Muslim. Major Dutch cities like Rotterdam, now home to the Islamic University of Rotterdam, are nearly half Muslim. On their face, such statistics may seem unobjectionable. But it has not escaped notice that these cities, with their restive and unassimilated immigrant populations, boast some of the highest crime rates in the Netherlands and serve as havens for religious radicalism. Nor do Dutch voters need Wilders to wonder about some Muslims’ capacity for tolerance. A spate of attacks on gay men by young Muslim thugs in Amsterdam, once the self-styled “gay capital of Europe,” has convincingly made the case for him.”

A Frenchman who commented on an earlier note, denied that France had as high a Muslim population as it actually does. I quoted the BBC on the number of Muslims in France. He countered it with his own number. He gave no reference for it. It isn’t just the raw numbers. His thinking, and I mention it because it seems representative, seems to be (to apply it to the Netherlands) what can a minority of 5.8 percent do? We see in this quote from the article what they can do. They can live in enclaves and can cause considerable trouble in the areas where they are not a minority. Why this is so difficult for Europeans to understand escapes me.

Repeat after me, “We Europeans do not welcome immigrants.” And you European Muslim immigrants, repeat after me, “we didn’t come here to assimilate.” Of course there are exceptions to these rules, but from all I’ve read these rules predominate. The Dutch are functioning like our American Leftists. They have embraced a socialistic ideal. They don’t care that this ideal has never existed. They don’t care if it is unrealistic. It was created by Marx and Lenin and they love it. From each according to his ability. To each according to his need. There is no religion in this political paradise. Religion is opiate of the masses. There is only Capitalism and labor. There is Imperialism, the highest form of capitalism and the oppressed. There is a Capitalistic hegemony and the Wretched of the Earth. Rise up, ye Wretched. Throw off your chains.

But alas for these idealistic Europeans. Alas for these Dutch. Alas for the French. This is a myth. Socialism has never worked. There is no point in tweaking it as you do. It can never work. Look at the Wretched you have invited into your cities. Are they embracing your ideals? No, they aren’t. They cluster in enclaves and embrace their traditions. They embrace the Islamic ideology called Radical Islam. They have a different ideal from yours. They don’t like your socialistic ideal. They think your vaunted Amsterdam a licentiousness a disgrace. They would like to impose Sharia Law there and clean it up. They have a different ideal. They want Islam to cover the earth. They want to be in a position to give you the choice of becoming a dhimmi (see Bat Yeor’s writings to find out what that entails) or dying. You don’t cover that sort of commitment with fluffy airy failed socialistic idealism. At least you don’t for very long.

Not everyone in the Holland has his head in the sand. Laksin writes, “The PVV currently has around 10 percent support in national polls . . . Double what it attracted when it first stood for election in 2006, this would translate into 15 seats in the parliament in the next general election in 2010.” “Hey,” someone says. Wilders is too extreme. We don’t want that. Well, if you don’t, provide your voters some other choices In the meantime, what the PVV is proposing sounds pretty good to me:

Geert Wilders’ “. . . Party for Freedom (PVV) now has nine members in the 150-member Dutch parliament, where it continues to press for its Wilders-inspired platform of restricting immigration from Muslim countries; for more aggressively monitoring domestic extremism, including radical mosques; and for reducing an indulgent welfare state that allows immigrants to live comfortably without assimilating. To be sure, these remain minority views in Dutch politics. “We vote every Tuesday and it’s always the same,” says Martin Bosma, a PVV MP. “Nine people raise their hands and the other 141 stare at their shoes.”

“Hey,” I say. The PVV has proposed a sensible approach to your Islamic problem. It won’t solve it, but it is a move in the right direction. What is wrong with you others? Quit staring at your shoes, get your heads out of your idealistic Socialistic fundament and do what is sensible.

Lawrence Helm


Anonymous said...

"A Frenchman who commented on an earlier note, denied that France had as high a Muslim population as it actually does. I quoted the BBC on the number of Muslims in France. He countered it with his own number. He gave no reference for it."

Who are you talking about?

"what can a minority of 5.8 percent do?"

According to Geert Wilders, "a staggering 25 percent of the population in Europe will be Muslim just 12 years from now."

"Marx and Lenin"

If you think that most European are marxist-leninist, then it explain a lot.

Lawrence Helm said...

A minority of 5.8% can do quite a lot if as the article explains it is concentrated in cities such that it becomes a majority there. It can do quite a lot if it becomes hostile enclaves and makes Dutch and French cities foreign territories for Dutch or French citizens -- such that Dutch and French citizens become afraid to move through such cities at night -- or even in the daytime.

Marxism-Lenism is the fount of your French Socialism. You owe your present-day socialistic ideals to them. Yes, it failed in the USSR, but you Socialists now think you can do a better Socialism in the future. You adhere and cling to the Socialistic ideal -- and you owe them to your Marxist-Leninist forebears.

The post-Vichy period is especially interesting. So many of you collaborated with the Nazis that afterwords you were very susceptible to Communism. You and your fellow-collaborator Italy had the highest concentration Communists in Europe. You can't readily wish that away. You can't call it something else and have your words mean anything.

Lawrence Helm