Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Re: France as the enemy supporter

Lawrence: Two other possibilities present themselves:
1) they sold arms to Saddam because they loved him, or
2) they gave arms to Saddam because they hated
the Anglo-Americans. And since these options aren't
mutually exclusive, both could be true. Another [3]
possibility is that the various manufacturers of the
military equipment sold to Saddam could have been sold
for cold-blooded-profit and no other reason.

The arms sale could also have been (4) a secret
precondition of the Total Petrofina, SA oil-rights
deal. It might even have been a precondition to a
larger "package," involving construction, capital
goods, or any number of commodities.

Further, you are equating Chirac with France. That's
like equating Bill Clinton with the USA. There are
leftist intellectuals and there are corrupt politicians
pretending to be leftists or using leftism as a general
mask. The two groups are not identical. The former are
predictable ideologues; the latter go wherever the
money is.

All the best,

PS: It's also worth noting that US "country-style line
dancing" is a rage in Paris, complete with the ten
gallon hats. As with many other countries, the
perception of the US is probably love/hate.

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