Friday, December 12, 2008

Hell on Earth (4)

Professor Kowalski wrote:

“The link to Lawrence's book review was posted this morning at Montclair State University "discuss" list. I expected a debate about what was posted by Lawrence. But this did not happen. The only professor who commented criticized Lawrence, not what he wrote. He is "an opinionated person to celebrate his own personal views; he seems to have some hardline rightist anti-communist political views, and makes no attempt to be impartial. He is promoting an agenda."

Professor Kowalski,

I guess the response was written by the professor you call “S.” I notice immediately that “S” is like virtually all of the Leftists I’ve ever debated. He ignores the issues and engages in personal attack and insult.

In the Professor S quote above, this attack takes for form of “makes no attempt to be impartial.” We can dismiss the rest as vague insulting innuendo, but “impartial” is interesting. Why would S today want me to be “impartial” about Communism? Why, if not for the reasons I posted in Hell on Earth (3)? Communism was defeated. The Soviet Union fell in 1989. The USSR lost the Cold War. Who wants me to be impartial in criticizing that same Soviet Union? Who if not someone who still has an ax to grind, a person like Bernardine Dohrn who longs for a
better Socialist future.

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