Friday, January 9, 2009

Does Chomsky mean what he says in this book?

The above is Chomsky’s At War With Asia. The book I’m reading was published in 1970. The above is a 2004 reprint. In other words, this book is still in print. The reason I mention that is that someone wrote an insulting note which in effect criticized me for assuming that Chomsky meant what he said in this book. The insulter implied that I should know what he wrote in subsequent books and therefore what I say about this book is invalid. I don’t believe that is true. If what Chomsky said in this book represents an obsolete viewpoint, he should disclaim the book, not republish it.

The specific complaint was that I accuse Chomsky of favoring State Socialism whereas he now favors anarcho-syndicalism. Be that as it may, Chomsky has not as far as I’ve read advocated anarcho-syndicalism; whereas he has criticized American for advocating free market enterprise and has praised “indigenous movements” attempting to extricate their societies from the integrated world system dominated largely by American capital.” In other words, Chomsky in this book praises Communist State-controlled Socialism and criticizes free-market Liberal Democracy – at least as far as I’ve read.

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