Saturday, February 7, 2009

Albert Heim, a Nazi in Egypt,4670,NaziHunting,00.html

As far as Google could tell me, Fox News was the only popular News Agency to pick up this Associated Press article by Lee Keath, entitled “Nazi find sheds light on Egypt’s sensitive past.” It doesn’t really provide any new insight for those of us who knew of the admiration Arab Fascists had for German Fascists. What was not to love? The Nazis hated the Jews and so did the Arabs. The Nazis loved a totalitarian government and so did much of the Arab world. Nassar, after all was one of the founders of the Baathists. Three nations, Egypt, Iraq and Syria formed governments along Fascist lines and hoped to spread their ideology throughout the Arab World. Their goal was “Pan-Arabism.” So why would anyone be surprised that Nassar welcomed former Nazis to Egypt?

Well, yes, my Leftist friends will say, but didn’t the U.S. welcome Nazis as well? Well yes, but didn’t I explain just the other day that our goal in helping France in Indochina wasn’t Colonialism but anti-Communism. The same thing can be said about the U.S. and their hiring of former German scientists, some of whom were in the Nazi party. We were interested in using experts from a former totalitarian regime to help us in our fight against another totalitarian regime, Stalinist Russia. But what was Nassar’s motive? Yes, he hired former Nazi scientists as well, but his goal was to fight against the Jews. Many Nazis loved to fight the Jews, and I wonder how much choice they had. Should they work for the U.S. and fight against Totalitarian Russia? Or should they work for the Egypt and continue the Nazi fight against the Jews? Perhaps the U.S. exerted pressure on the German scientists who came to the U.S., but I doubt that Egypt had pressure to exert; so the Nazis who fled to Egypt probably did so voluntarily. And, as the article indicates, there is no evidence that Dr. Death (Albert Heim) ever worked on any Egyptian military programs. Fascist Egypt was a safe haven for fascists from defeated Germany.

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