Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Limited Responsibility

There was the consideration

Of duty, surely. I needed

To be there, and when the storm

Furiously assaulted,

We were buttoned up,

Seeing it through six-inch

Glass. I was below

Giving full vent to my

Curiosity. Thus, when it

Tilted us into the sea,

I slid to the nether end.

We were equipped, you might

Say, so what was there to fear?

Nevertheless there was

A necessity to be there

Instead of in my study

Back at home. I had

A vague contribution

To make to the righting

Of circumstances and

The successful return to port.

Still, had they fully listened,

They would have heard my

Warning and been secured

At a field far inland.

This was the calculated risk

Brought to fruition,

But not without its own

Solution; which I could

Provide as well. I sighed.

They would always see things

Differently, and I would

Never be willing to take

Command. We would

Probably get back safely anyway.

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