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RE: on Russia and the Communist Dream.


Good to hear from you.  I'll post your note on my blog and also see that Professor Kowalski gets a copy.  I am interested in your point of view.

I'll post your second note and then comment a bit.


Michael Kuznetsov has left a new comment on your post "Russia and the Communist Dream":


As you know Prof. Ludwik Kowalski wrote a book about my country Russia.
He entitled it Hell on Earth.

Some 20 years ago, when 90 percent of us Russians were ardently pro-American, that book might have been a great success in Russia. But not now.

At present it is evident for us that real Hell on Earth is the West.

Below are a few short stories (out of a great lot I've collected) that prove my assertion:


USDA: Number of Americans going hungry increases
WASHINGTON November 17 2009

More than one in seven American households struggled to put enough food on the table in 2008, the highest rate since the Agriculture Department began tracking food security levels in 1995.

That's about 49 million people, or 14.6 percent of U.S. households. The numbers are a significant increase from 2007, when 11.1 percent of U.S. households suffered from what USDA classifies as "food insecurity" — not having enough food for an active, healthy lifestyle.


George Sodini, left behind a diary that makes everything as clear as can be – so clear, in fact, that the media is doing everything it can to avoid looking at what it really says. Because this massacre is really about the desperation and hate so common in America. You can't understand yesterday's health club massacre in Pennsylvania, leaving 3 women dead, 10 injured, and the male gunman with his brains blown out, without recognizing this misery and hate.

Most Americans' lives have grown worse over the past three decades: today, average American male workers earn less than they did in 1979 in inflation-adjusted dollars, while the top 400 richest Americans own more than the bottom 150 million Americans, a wealth gap only found in tinpot Third World kleptocracies, and not seen here since 1928. That alone is reason enough to hate.

Even Warren Buffet admitted it in a interview with the New York Times: "There's class warfare, all right, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning." For some reason, only the rich have the courage to talk about it.

to be continued

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