Monday, November 30, 2009

Undernourished: U.S compared to the Russian Federation

A reader sent me the above articles.  Yes, I quite agree.  We consider those poor who would rate as being much better off if they lived elsewhere. 
If all of Russia could somehow be moved to the U.S., I wonder how much of it would be rated below our “poverty level.” 

Here is an interesting map that rates the world in terms of “calories per person per day.” Note that the U.S. is in the highest range: 3400 to 3800 calories per person per day.  The Russian Federation, on the other hand is a couple of categories further down the scale. 
The definition of being “undernourished” is as follows: Undernourished
Undernourished is defined as the proportion of the population below the minimum level of dietary energy (calorie) consumption.   According to these statistics and this definition, the Russian Federation is closer, on average, to being undernourished than the U.S.

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