Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Islamists vow attack if Dutch implement Wilders’ anti-immigration policies


This article is from the Dutch site, Expatica.com.

A senior Afghan Taliban official has warned of an attack against the Netherlands if its new government implements the agenda of anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders, the Volkskrant daily reported Monday.

"If the Netherlands maintains or intensifies its anti-Islam policy, it is certain that the Netherlands will be the target of an attack by a jihadist group," Zabiullah Mujahed, a long-time Taliban spokesman, is quoted as having told the newspaper.

Wilders, who campaigns to "stop the Islamisation of the Netherlands", went on trial on October 4 for calling Islam "fascist" and likening the Koran to Hitler's "Mein Kampf".

His Party for Freedom has signed a pact to provide a new minority, rightist coalition government of Christian Democrats and liberals with the votes they need in parliament in return for a voice in policy formation.

The agreement commits the new government, inaugurated last Thursday, to a hardened immigration policy that will include the introduction of a burqa ban and measures to sharply reduce immigrant numbers.

"If he (Wilders) succeeds in manipulating the Dutch parliament to pass more anti-Islamic legislation ... there is no doubt that Muslims from other countries will take action to help their Muslim brothers and sisters," Mujahed said.

He added that the Taliban was "very careful in its relations with the Netherlands" because "it was the first country that decided to stop the occupation of our country".

A dispute over continuing military aid to Afghanistan led to the collapse of the previous Dutch coalition government in February, and the subsequent withdrawal of Dutch forces after four years in that country.


The Dutch are obviously conflicted: How can one be Politically Correct and stop one's country from being swallowed by Islamists at the same time? It is a knotty question. Apparently the Dutch leaders are still willing to let the situation drift. Geert Wilders is trying to put the brakes on this drift, but he is being opposed by powerful forces, and now the Islamists have added one further reason why the Dutch should just give up and do whatever the Islamists want: If you don't do what we want, they say, we will hurt you. This is the message of the extortionist, but extortion has worked down through the ages and seems to work well in a demoralized Europe. So maybe the Dutch will give in once again.

On the other hand, Geert Wilders seems to be becoming more and more popular. The Multiculturalist Emperor has no clothes, and while Geert Wilders is paying the price for pointing that out, many, following his lead are seeing him more clearly.

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