Monday, October 4, 2010

Wilders, the Gadfly in Holland's Politically-Correct Ointment

Am I the only one who sees the Irony in this? Not so many years ago, the Liberal-Left rage was all about Free Speech. "Let no restrictions be placed upon it" was the mantra that rang throughout all the nations in the West. "Anything that can be said, may be said," would have been something any Leftist might sign up to.

In retrospect, it seems that all the Liberal-Left really cared about was pornography and obscenities. They used their Freedom of Speech to be able to get those things, and succeeded admirably; so much so that more morally conservative societies such as China were appalled. When I recently remarked on that, a Liberal-Leftist responded by asking why I cared what China thought. Well, I do. We used to be more morally conservative and I think we lost something when we gave that up. I would like to see the Western moral pendulum swing back in that direction.

Now the West is being attacked on various Levels by political, militant, radical Islam. Surely if ever there was a time to use our vaunted "Free Speech" it would be now, now that we need to stir our people and governments up to action. If not actual action then at least we should be hearing the warnings from our more enlightened politicians. Surely, we, the Western Free, will have individuals speaking out freely on the Islamic danger.

We don't have to look far to see that Liberal-Leftists don't admire politicians, thinkers, writers and even pastors who use their Freedom of Speech to warn against the encroachment of Radical Islam. The Media has been scandalous in its self-censorship when it comes to young Muslim Men committing violent acts. The media doesn't know why those young men did those terrible things. Disgusted conservatives created the term Sudden Jihad Syndrome to cover this Media disgrace. Islamist teaching urges young men to do this very thing -- go out and kill infidels. But our Liberal-Leftist Media claims not to know why these young men do it. It is a great mystery to them -- sort of like SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. SJS, Sudden Jihad Syndrome, is no mystery to anyone who has studied Radical Islam or even recent history without Liberal-Leftist presuppositions. Islamist teachings urge these young men to kill infidels and many of them do.

I have remarked about the scandalous treatment of Terry Jones. For 20 years he worked at a Christian Mission in Germany and developed certain opinions about what he saw there. Convinced that he had the Freedom of Speech, he spoke out against certain Islamic activities. I don't know what they were, but the German Turkish element in Germany apparently got him declared persona non grata; so he returned to the U.S. and resumed using his Freedom of Speech -- in Florida. He decided to do something. There was no law against burning Korans; so he decided to do that to emphasize the dangers he saw attending the Ground Zero Mosque. Enormous pressure was applied upon this Christian pastor to back off. The FBI showed up at his house seeking to dissuade him. High Ranking members of the Obama administration put pressure on him. His bank cancelled the mortgage on the church, and somewhere along the line he caved in to this pressure.

Does no one else see the irony in this, of the Liberal Leftists who seemed to be on the side of the Freedom of Speech no matter what castigating this little Terry Jones pastor in every way they possibly could?

No, well what about Geert Wilders? He is not a little Christian Pastor. He is the leader of the Dutch Freedom party. He has been speaking out against Radical Islam in Holland and represents a position growing in popularity throughout Europe. He wants a stop to Islamic immigration. Any pragmatist would see the reasonableness of his proposal. Muslims are for the most part not integrating. They live in enclaves, and they engage in acts of violence out of all proportion to their actual numbers. They have demonstrated that they represent a counter-productive element in all European nations. Do the Dutch Liberal Leftists invoke Voltaire and say that while they disagree with Wilders they will defend to the death his right to say whatever he likes? Not at all; they are seeking to put him in jail for "hate speech." What is this "hate speech" other than a Liberal Leftist ploy to shut those up who try to warn against the imminent dangers of European policies regarding Islamic immigration and its aftermath?

It is obvious that laws can be created to revoke "Freedom of Speech." The law against "hate speech" is one such law. Are Politically Correct leaders in the Netherlands going to be able to shut Wilders up? He doesn't seem to be going as quietly as Terry Jones did. We read in the Guardian article that while "one of Europe's leading Islam-baiters, went on trial today charged with hate speech and inciting racism . . . the case was swiftly engulfed by uncertainty after a challenge over alleged judges' bias."

Well, yeah, that should be obvious. Any Politically-correct Judge is going to be biased against Geert Wilders. What is this "uncertainty" the Guardian refers to. Nothing could be more certain than that the Liberal-Left will do everything they can to shut Wilders up. Apparently an appeals court ruled that Wilders should face charges for having written an article in which he said, " I've had enough of Islam in the Netherlands; let not one more Muslim immigrate … I've had enough of the Qur'an in the Netherlands. Forbid that fascist book."

Interestingly, while the Dutch Courts are trying to figure out what to do about shutting Wilders up, he has accomplished some of his goals by political means. Increased numbers in Holland are supporting Wilders. He won parliamentary seats in the last election. The Conservative Party needs Wilders seats to make the new government work; so they have given Wilders a quid pro quo. For his cooperation in forming the government, they have agreed to "ban the burqa, crack down on immigration, and pursue more Eurosceptic policies."

"The new government is expected to be sworn in next month, led by Mark Rutte, the VVD leader, as prime minister." I suppose this could be the "uncertainty" the Guardian is referring to. How can Wilders be put on trial for advocating some of the things the current VVD government has promised to do?

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