Saturday, May 28, 2011

The girls on a beautiful morning, 5-28-11

[Olympus E1 camera and a Sigma 50-200mm lens]

I didn’t expect anything from from today.  I debated whether to even go, but Duffy swallowed one of Susan’s food supplements, Magnesium or Calcium & Vitamin D, she couldn’t tell which; so after checking the internet to be fairly certain he would come to no harm, I decided to take the girls to the river so Duffy & Susan could go back to sleep, or at least calm down.

We are entering the warm period in this region, when a trip to the river is an ordeal rather than a pleasure, but the end of spring is hanging on a little longer.  There was enough of a breeze to blow away the insects and enough rabbits for the girls to chase.  From time to time I would turn to see something spectacular.



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Anonymous said...

Love the white face. Kiss her on the nose for me. -S