Monday, May 9, 2011

Gunfire & the threat of rain

[E1 camera & 18-125mm Sigma lens]

We weren’t able to get in our usual two hours of hiking.  Part way in we heard gunfire fairly close to us.  I thought at first it was someone from the nursery on the other side of the levee, but it was closer than that.  I knew Sage was frightened by loud noises.  I looked around for her and she had already fled.

so Ginger and I turned around and started back. We found Sage by Nicole, the Field Biologist who had been trying to verify the presence of a bird on the endangered species list.  She said she saw Sage running toward her looking panicky and wondered if the gunfire hadn’t perchance taken me out.  Sage had run back and forth, she said, but wouldn’t go up to her. 

As we walked back toward the Jeep the gunfire seemed to follow us; which was probably good for Nicole and her endangered birds.

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