Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Coyote, 7-24-11

[Pentax K20d camera & Sigma 50-200mm lens]

This morning, before the sun was up over the mountains, we went to a spot perhaps three quarters of a mile from where Ginger encountered the coyote the other day.  We walked north of the sandy trough where the water, when it flows, keeps the sand churned up so that nothing grows.  We were almost at the point where I had decided we would turn back when we heard the warning cry of a coyote south of the river trough. 

Could it have been the same coyote following us or relocating to a new area?  It’s possible but the previous coyote seemed to have longer ears.  It was perhaps 80 yards away when I finally spotted it through my lens. 

I said to the girls, “Okay.  Let’s go back.”  They were both interested in the coyote but neither wanted to chase across the sand after it.  Ginger showed neither fear nor a desire to check this one out to see if it would play with her. 

The Coyote, like the previous one, herded us out of her area.


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