Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ginger bitten by coyote, 7-19-11

[Olympus E500 camera & Olympus 14-42mm lens]

We have over recent weeks heard this coyote many times.  Perhaps this morning she had pups out for a walk and Ginger got too close.  From Ginger’s point of view, she’s going to try and get every dog-like creature she meets to play with her.



P7193149 P7193151 P7193154 P7193155


It was right after the above photo that Ginger tried to get the coyote to play with her.  When she finally gave up and turned back toward me the coyote ran up behind her and bit her on the rump.  When Ginger got back to me I could see she was bleeding so I called an end to our hike.  The coyote followed us all the way back to our Jeep:

P7193158 P7193159 P7193160

Here is Ginger expressing her disappointment:


I took her straight to the vet where a technician checked her and determined that she was “stable”.  she said that if I wanted the doctor to look at her I could take her back at 09:00 (it was 07:00 at the time).  She said that if I decided to clean it myself I should just keep an eye on it and take her back to the vet if an infection developed; so that’s what I decided to do. 

I cleaned her up her up and used some Neosporin on the wound.  There was no puncture and the bleeding had almost stopped by the time we got home. 

As to next time, I hope Ginger has learned her lesson.  It probably isn’t an option to take a gun and shoot it off to frighten the coyote.  I don’t know if the coyote would be frightened, but Sage definitely would be.  She hates the sound of gunfire or fire crackers.  If I had it to do over again I would not have stayed back to photograph the coyote but would have gotten closer to the girls.  However, if there were coyote pups about the coyote wouldn’t have run from me either. 


Anonymous said...

Any bite of human or animal needs antibiotics as far as I know. Check with the vet soon. It's a pitty to wait for infection.
I have a family of coyotes with three cute puppies in the bushies of the garden.
They keep distance but one night when I turned, I saw the the coyote a few steps behind us.
Very nice photos, in general.
Delia F.

Lawrence Helm said...

Hi, Delia.

After I got Ginger cleaned up i found a puncture that continued to ooze; so I took her to the vet. It had been two years since they did a complete checkup; so they did that. The vet pronounced her in perfect physical condition. She had some lumps and bumps that seem to come with age but that was it.

I had a blood workup done which I won't find out about until tomorrow, but I'm not expecting bad news.

As to the puncture, they shaved the area and cleaned it. They gave some some Cephalexin for her. She is to take two 1000 MG of Cephalexin twice a day for seven days.

I asked if she was to be grounded or if she could continue to go to the river with us and the vet said she could go. The vet didn't think the bite was anything to worry about.

I remember years ago Trooper turned his back on a Golden Retriever who bit him in about the same place. In his case there was no puncture, but the bite broke the skin.