Tuesday, November 10, 2015



When I was young
I imagined I would have
Unending ecstasy if I were
In love with a beautiful girl.
I read adventures – even
The jungle had Jane.
Getting her was everything.

One day years later
I did and it was true.
Living through
Those days kept me
Aware that she of whom
I dreamed was there
Day after day.

I am old now but not
Too to think as I did and
Know as I knew, recall
The delight I felt when
All the initial turmoil had
Subsided and she promised
Me all her remaining days.

Now with each passing
One of mine I’m further
From then, marveling
That she ever walked
There with me if she
Really did.  I open a book
And search her photo

Taped and fading.  Her
Little dog is here and
Walks along with me
Still – does he know her
As he once did or has
She worn as she wore away
Those soft forgetful days?

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