Thursday, November 5, 2015



Susan was it was good to find
As intent upon dogs as I, I
Discovered well into our
Marriage though I described it
Early on as an impediment
With my first who wasn’t at all.
Susan’s first dog trial trying

To walk him away from trouble
And his early death weighed
Upon us both, her especially,
Followed by Heidi who loved
Life and tennis balls chasing
Into the surf after them while
Susan watched and laughed

And Trooper who became her
Knight willing to protect her
Against anything she’d
Allow.  She had weakened
During Ginger leaving her
To me and then Sage
Who never had a chance.

She thought Duffy would be
Small enough for her waning
Time and he still is while she
Dwells nearby when we look
Up least expecting, when we
Turn at a flickering light or
Start up in the night at a sound.

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