Sunday, June 5, 2016

Jessica's first hike

[written 5-29-16]

Jessica woke full of energy.  The prospect of a morning hike depended
more on me than her, but after a second aspirin and a cup of coffee I
felt marginally able.  Since Ben liked Jessica better than Duffy did I
put her in the back seat with him.  I noticed last night in the backyard
when Jessica felt apprehensive about her surroundings she got between my
feet and peered out from there.  Jessica did the same thing with Ben in
the Jeep.  He liked her okay, but he didn't like her crawling underneath
him.  He tried to get away from her to no avail.  Fortunately the trip
to the river was short.

One of my camera bags was a perfect fit.  Jessica could fit totally inside it
if she wanted to, but mostly she'd look out for a while, chew on her
leash and then fuss so that I would let her down.  She like all puppies
disapproved of linear hikes.  She wanted to stop and play.  Tugging her
a bit would get her started and she'd make it 10 or 15 feet before
fussing and then putting on the brakes; so I'd pick her up and carry her
in my arms for a while.  If she'd fuss to be put back down I'd do that. 
But the next time I might put her in the camera bag.

When I'd had enough we turned around and headed back.  Jessica was
content to stay in the camera bag for longer periods on the way back.

Back at the Jeep Duffy and Ben hopped up into their usual places.  I put
Jessica in with Ben once again.  I stopped at Stater Bros on the way
home to get some more absorbent pads and some adult dog food.  I had
been so worried about Jessica that I forgot to replenish the boys kibble.

When we got home, and after I put the groceries away I closed the garage
door and called for Ben, Duffy and Jessica to get out if the Jeep.  The
first two did but I couldn't find Jessica.  I checked under the front
seats and didn't find her but knowing she had to be somewhere, I reached
as far as I could and touched her. Going around to the passenger door I
saw that her head was sticking out beneath the seat and resting on the
camera bag.  She was sleeping.

Upstairs in my study she fussed for about 30 seconds after I put her in
her little private area and then she lay down and went to sleep.

The hike wasn't a very challenging one.  It was on the levee north of a
dairy for the most part.  I don't know how well Jessica can see at her
age.  She looked off toward the cows a few times but was more interested
in the sand right beneath us as we walked.  A rabbit darted out in front
of us and ran down toward the dairy with Ben after it.  He sailed
gracefully over a barbed wire fence but didn't chase it too far. 
Jessica of course missed all that, but when I called him back and he
sailed over the fence once again, Jessica saw him do that.  I couldn't
tell that she was impressed.  She stopped a couple of times to look all
about but her greatest interest was in the sand.

When I would take this hike in the past we would go underneath the State
Street overpass before cutting across to the levee on the south side of
the river, but there are people living under there now.  Ben went toward
them, stopped and stared at their junky set up.   I called him away.

One of the more interesting events was Duffy touching noses with
Jessica; which he did on two occasions, looking for all the world like
he was encouraging her.  I don't know about her, but I was. I've
forgiven him big time for being a grouch.

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