Thursday, November 17, 2016

On Keeping Her from Harm

    I guided Susan away from
    Dark forms traveling at night,
    Even before she got Sentry –
    On the beach for all we
    Knew meaning her harm;
    She of course believed
    The best and discounted
    My fears for her – dancing
    A smile and laughing a
    Word of chiding, making
    Me put my Marine Corps
    Fighting knife thoughts
    Back in their sheath.
    I’d experienced a Korean

    Night years ago, an
    Attempted attack, but was
    Too quick with that knife
    At a throat deflating whatever
    His thoughts were in their foreign
    Tongue.  I was invincible.
    Quick of eye and foot, but

    Go now over this loss as a
    Losing team, or a failed fighter
    Stunned that reality and time
    Quashed the foot speed and arm
    Strength. I no longer look at
    The stirring of shadows.
    My thoughts have rusted.

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