Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Way Out

    I am too old to be told
    This will not last.  It is
    All that will and on sunnier
    Days when the thrill of eternity
    Spins ethereal music and I see
    New possibilities, they are all
    Now without her who said

    She could not sing.  I’m not
    So sure now of all that has
    Past before, whether creator
    God will sum us up or we’ll
    On our own blink out.
    Perhaps if our species can
    Escape this corrupted earth

    Before it implodes our DNA
    Will inhabit planets light years
    From here.  I’m bearing it with
    Plans of my own escape, a
    New dog will help – new thoughts
    As far away as I can think
    In the few blinks I have left.

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