Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Susan’s 5-shot Taurus 357

    Pressing my ear against the wall I
    Heard, “We had trouble enough with
    Him last time.  Now he has three
    Powerful friends.”  And someone
    Else, “I know, but if we work this
    Right, he will . . .”  They must have
    Moved to another room.  I leaned
    Back thinking it was me they were
    After, but if so . . .  Ben was strongly
    Built but was he powerful in the
    Meaning meant?  I didn’t think so
    But he had attended gala shows --
    Becoming the center of attention --
    I didn’t know what else. Small

    Duffy – was always alert on a trail
    But not powerful – unless they
    Planned an ambush.  Jessica was
    Yet to find her place in the warp
    And woof of our defense: one of
    Them stole up to our window
    And looked in.  I could hear her

    Growl.  The steps of stealth out
    On the public thoroughfare – the
    Moon shining through our window –
    A tormented owl, a dog barking far
    Down the street.  My three lifted their
    Heads as one. I lay where I was but
    Reached out for Susan in my sleep.

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