Friday, August 11, 2017

Jessica, Dead


    I entered the shop, telling the lady
    I needed another dog.  “The one you
    Sold me is dead.”  She turned to the
    Manager saying, “he wants a refund.”
    “No, no, I don’t.  I’m willing to pay
    Full price.  I just want another.  “Okay,”
    The manager said, but we don’t

    Have another.  The closest we have
    Is an Airedale; which you can have.  A
    Male.”  “A male?” I moaned.  “I don’t
    Know.  It isn’t what I need.”  The man
    Shook his head.  “She may be one of
    A kind.”  “So I’ll just wait,” I said,
    Backing out of the shop.  She rushed

    Up then, licking my face, demanding
    Attention.  “I’m right here!” She yelled,
    Punching my arm with her paws.  “I’m
    A little fat perhaps, but I’m not dead!
    You need to take control of this silly
    Dream.”  A strong wind blew us up
    Against a wall.  “You can’t just let

    Me die,” she plaintively said, licking
    My hand.  “I don’t want to,” I replied,
    Kissing her head, but this dream is
    Beyond my control.”  “Not here,”
    She said leaping up.  “Not now.  I’m
    Missing from your dream so you must
    Find me – not some stupid Airedale!

    A male at that.”  I want to find you,
    But I thought you were dead.  They
    Told me you were.  It isn’t that I want
    Another.  I don’t, you know?”  “You
    Think I’ll slip away because she did
    Two years ago, but I won’t.”  “But how
    Do I really know,” I wailed and sighed?

    “Because I tell you so.  Get hold
    Of this dream and hold onto me.”
    I groaned, rolling over against her
    On the floor.  She was on my right.
    I sat up in the dark, finding Ben on
    The other side.  I needed to turn on
    A flash to find black Duffy in the dark.

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