Friday, September 29, 2017

Dust Swirling

    She’d say I loved her blind-
    Eyed, not seeing her as she
    Actually was, full of flaws,        
    Mistakes, bad memories,
    And she’d smile sadly while
    I dismissed her assessment,
    Her inability to see herself as

    I knew her to be then and would
    Be for a brief time yet.  Could
    I have told her more? She
    Drowsed through those many
    Years, barely hearing – sleeping
    The time as it slipped past, not
    Rousing to hear me say whatever

    I would, having heard it so many
    Times before.  She held my arm
    As we slowly walked through
    Those many doors to hear
    Again there was no time nor
    Strength to keep us beyond   
    Those few remaining dreams.

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