Friday, September 1, 2017

Wonder Woman Dream

    Susan ran after me, “Larry, Larry!”
    I turned back and she thrust
    Wonder Woman at me.  I took
    It and as I did woke and puzzled
    Over the comic.  I had never . . .
    But I had called her Wonder Woman
    At times.  She once raced after

    A mugger in a parking lot and
    Grabbed her purse.  He slammed
    His door on her arm several times
    To make her let go.  She was still
    Furious when she got home.  She
    Suffered more than most but
    Endured as long as she could

    Do so decently.  After that she
    Stoically let go.  I could see the
    Cover but an instant before
    Waking, wondered what it
    Was she meant.  It seemed
    Unlikely she’d remind me not to
    Forget.  Unlikely also she’d

    Want me to toughen up – just the
    Reverse.  I scowled once in the
    Forest when we were approached by
    Two men.  Susan had not yet been
    Damaged by disease.  I didn’t trust
    Their conversation and kept my hand
    On the handle of my Colt until they,
    Fidgeting, moved on.  Susan berated
    Me for my suspicious mind, and for
    The chip she swore I always wore.
    I held my peace, keeping still as we
    Moved ahead, looking over my shoulder
    As we did, dreading the impalpable
    I feared racing toward us from behind.

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