Wednesday, May 9, 2018

The Body in the Backyard

    I woke part-way, my mind spinning
    With worry – Susan said it was not
    Her fault, but sometimes it was,
    And she wouldn’t remember; so
    I tried to let it go.  She said she’d
    Take care of this one, but when
    I sat up and looked out, the

    Body was still there – in plain
    Site – at least one leg was. 
    She had thrown a tarp over
    The upper part.  She descended
    Further it would seem – this had
    To be on me this time, but I
    Knew nothing of concealing

    Something like this.  I imagined
    Dragging him to the end of the dock,
    Pulling him down into the West-
    Wight Potter, down into the hold,
    And sailing out, but how far
    To go prevent his drifting
    Back in?  I kept drifting

    Back into sleep despite needing I
    Knew to get up.  Get him into the
    Potter would be very slow work.
    I’d need to stock it for several days,
    And who would manage Susan while
    I was gone?  Maybe if I hid him
    Some place else, maybe cutting

    Him up.  I shuddered at the thought
    of cleaning the mess, tip-toed
    Down the hall to see if she knew
    Who he was, shook her gently,
    “What?” She groaned.  “Do you
    Know who he was?”  “Who?”
    She groaned again.  “The man
    You killed.”  “What?” She said
    Again, trying to rise. “There’s a
    Dead man in our back yard.  You
    Killed him on the way home.”
    “What?” She said again, eyes wide.
    “Never mind,” I said in a calming
    Voice.  “I’ll take care of things.”

    “Okay,” she sighed and lay back
    Down.  I tip-toed out, brewed
    A cup of espresso, thought, and
    Needed more.  Who he was
    Couldn’t be allowed to count.
    I needed once again to think --
    One final time to get it right.

    Note: The West Wight Potter is a small sail boat designed for the rough north seas.  I owned a Potter in the 70s and 80s.  It was the first sail boat I took Susan out in and she loved it.  Here are the Potter’s specifications:

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