Monday, January 29, 2024

Frontier Justice

  24-7 Frontier Justice

“Joseph and Lydia Campbell.

“That’s us.  She’s twenty-eight.

We’ve only been married a month.”

“How old are you, sir?

“Don’t know what that has to do

with anything, but I’m forty-two.”

“This is sounding more and more 

like your wife changed her mind.”

“After just one Month?”

“Back in the Corps I met plenty

of women, men, too, who would

do it in a lot less time than that.”

He sighed and just then they heard

a shot.  “That might be her now,”

Susan said.

And they ran around back,

Trooper leading.

“Lydia!”  Joe exclaimed

in shock.

Lydia whirled as they came up, a three-

fifty-seven in one hand.  Lying on

the ground in front of her was a man

in shabby jeans, breathing his last.

She looked over at Joe and then

at Sue, “who’s this,” she asked,

pointing her gun at Sue.  “The 

        Sheriff, Hon.  Let me take that 

        gun now -- if you’re done with it.”

“Oh, I’m done all right.  He caught

me off guard and was planning to 

take me off, but he didn’t want to

leave here with just me; so he was

loading his truck, real careful like.

But when you came back I got

my own gun and shot the son of

a bitch”

“So we see,” Sue said, perplexed.

“So are you going to arrest me,” 

Lydia asked, still waving her gun?

Sue gulped, “don’t seem like that

would be the right thing to do,

does it?”  Joe and Lydia 

shook their heads.  

“Do you know who he was,” 

Susan asked Lydia?  

“Said he was from

Tennessee, just passing through

when he saw something he liked.

“Meaning you,” Susan asked?

“Meaning me.  But I’m already 

married to Joe and not tired of him

after just one month so I shot him.”

“Don’t blame you a bit for that,

Sue said.  “Do either of you have 

any plan for what to do with his 

        body and car?”

“There’s a gorge on my property. 

I was just looking at yesterday, I could 

dig around in that and cover him right


And his car, Sue asked?  

“How about I drive it to

Phoenix, leave it at the airport and 

Lydia follows and brings me back?”

“Lots of cameras at the airport,” Sue


“Yeah, okay.  We’ll leave it near the

airport with the keys in the ignition”

“That should work,” Sue said,

thoughtfully.  The town Mayor will

appreciate you-all taking care

of this mess and not costing him

anything from dealing with 

        this piece of shit.”

Joseph and Lydia nodded enthusiastically.

“I guess I don’t need to tell you we need

to keep this just amongst ourselves.”

Joseph and Lydia nodded once again

and with just as much enthusiasm.

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