Monday, January 29, 2024

Hot Pursuit

  24-6 Hot Pursuit

Susan strapped on her Taurus 605

and said, “let’s just take our 

hot-pursuit Jeep and see where

he goes.”  Trooper was up in

An instant, wagging his tail.

They climbed into the old Jeep

Liberty and followed the dust.

The man took a side road and

eventually stopped in front

of a well-kept house.  He

walked to his front door 

and stood looking back

at Susan and Trooper as

they got out of their Jeep

and followed him.  He scowled,

“You won’t help me; so what 

do you want?”  

“We didn’t finish

quite right.  I need your wife’s

name and yours too in case 

something happens in the future

to where I need those things.”

“Like what,” he snapped back

with belligerence?”

“Like if 

she were to turn up dead and 

found lying in your back forty.”

He smirked, “you don’t mince

words, do you?”

“I try not to.”

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