Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Britain surrenders to Islamic Radicals This is an article from Hudson New York written by A. Millar.

Here are some highlights from the article: "Britain's "elites" seem not to notice Islamism, but prefer to believe that if those protesting against Islamism could be silenced, the problem of radical Islam would disappear. It was this mindset that saw parliament introducing a religious hate speech law, aimed at silencing criticism of Islam and Islamism, in the aftermath of the 7/7 bombings. Britain's establishment, in other words, has busied itself clearing a very large space in which the Islamists can operate."

Further down Millar writes, "Much of Europe is now openly, if reluctantly, acknowledging the problems wrought by political multiculturalism, not least of all how it has facilitated the rise of Islamic radicalism in European states.

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently said that multiculturalism has 'utterly failed.' However, Britain's 'elite' – the government, media, and various protest groups – still insist on turning a blind eye to the new fascism. Rather than face down those calling for the destruction of Western civilization, their knee-jerk reaction appears to be to appease them.

"Those who do speak up against Islamism are smeared. Some prominent anti-Islamist spokespeople claim also to have been threatened with arrest. With Britain's establishment afraid to mention Islamism, Islam's extremist radical adherents seem to have it easy in comparison to anti-Islamists.

"Imagine what the group of Islamist radicals, calling itself Muslims Against Crusades, must have thought a few days ago. In Britain (as in Canada, New Zealand, and some other countries) it is a tradition to wear a poppy on November 11, to commemorate "Poppy Day," or what the Americans call "Armistice Day." The emblem comes from the poem In Flanders Fields by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae (1872-1918) of the Canadian army, when Flanders had been the site of continual warfare during World War I, and Lt. McCrae had invoked the poppies that grew wild in its fields to suggest the scale of the fatalities there. The poppy, with its red petals, and black center, is also reminiscent of a wound by a gunshot, and, as such, is worn with a certain mixture of pride and humility.

"About 50 members of Muslims Against Crusades [MAC] turned up in central London carrying the black flag of Islam and banners reading "Islam will dominate," "democracy go to Hell," and "Allah is our protector; you have no protector." They had come to burn a large poppy, a couple of feet square, and to disrupt the two minutes of silence for Britain's fallen soldiers.

"The members of MAC began by shouting "Allahu Akbar," and continued to chant "British soldiers burn in Hell" throughout the two minutes. Over a loudspeaker, the leader of the organized mob gibed: "your dead are in fire, and our dead are in paradise." The group later posted a video of their disturbance."

"The day after Poppy Day, apparently a Conservative Party councilor, Gareth Compton, in Birmingham was arrested for posting on Twitter what he later described as an "ill-conceived attempt at humor," asking for a Muslim journalist to be stoned: "Can someone please stone Yasmin Alibhai-Brown to death? I shan't tell Amnesty if you don't. It would be a blessing really." If his "humor" is anything to go by, the councilor is crass, reckless, and stupid, and should, at the very least, be reprimanded by his party; but did his "tweet" sink to the level of a crime?"

"With the British authorities arresting those protesting against Islamism – the ideology of promoting installing a Muslim Caliphate under sharia law, with or without terrorism, in Britain, the US, and around the globe – perhaps they might look at this group with a s little more seriousness. The government acknowledges that terrorism is a "Tier One" threat to the UK. Yet, the general, cultural surrender to political correctness, and to the raising of the black flag of Islam, gives the impression that the nation's "elites" have raised the white one."

COMMENT: I spent a lot of time recently reading about the Second World War and of how well the UK and the US cooperated in defeating Hitler in Western Europe. Year after year it seems that the UK and the US are in agreement on most foreign policy issues, and yet internally the UK seems as soft on Islamism as the rest of Western Europe. What arguments can they produce to justify their behavior? Islamists have vowed to destroy the West or see it converted to Islam. Don't the officials in the UK believe that? Read any of these articles and you will see that the Islamists, the Islamic Fundamentalists or any of the other names for their religious-political beliefs have been consistent. Is it really okay for Muslims to shout "British soldiers burn in Hell." If you argue this is nothing more than respect for free speech then why lock up Gareth Compton? In the absence of any coherent argument, or any argument built from credible assumptions, I must conclude that you in Britain are thoroughly screwed up.

This isn't to say that we in the U.S. aren't screwed up as well, but your caving in to Islamism at the expense of your National Interest seems a bit more intense than over here. We have a serious grass-roots element that opposes Radical Islam's plans for us. If it can elect a sufficient number of like-minded representatives and senators in office, we might get things turned around. If so it may in the future be tougher for Radical Islam to get its way in the U.S., but what hope do you in the UK have? The waves are crashing on a dangerous shore. Can't you hear them?

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