Sunday, November 21, 2010

British free known terrorists

Dangerous terrorists have been or are in the process of being released from prison back into British society, but not to worry, "Probation officers have been issued with a 'menu' of restrictions that can be placed on terrorists freed on licence. The curbs are understood to include orders to have contact with only Government-approved imams, not to visit certain mosques, not to associate with anyone with a criminal record and not to use computers."

Why release these individuals who by any rational definition would be considered enemies of the state? If a state is too squeamish to execute such people it should at least keep them locked up, but the British like continental Europe and even Russia is still striving to deal with this asymmetric Islamic warfare against Non-Muslims as a police matter. We in the U.S. sort of learned that was a bad idea. Under Blind Sheik Omar an attempt was made to blow up the World Trade Center. That attempt failed and we treated it as the British are presently treating such matters as a violation of law to be handled by the Justice System. A few years later a more competent group of Muslims did manage to blow out the World Trade Center. It was impossible to treat that attack as a mere violation of law; so we threw our weight around in a military manner for awhile.

Interestingly, our military response to 9-11 may end up being no more effective than Britain's treating Terrorists as normal criminals. We have invaded Afghanistan and Iraq but inasmuch as there is no hope or even plans for converting them into Liberal Democracies, the most we can hope for is to turn them into normal Muslim nations -- and "normal Muslim nations" all seem to hate the West; so once we leave Iraq and Afghanistan there is a real likelihood that new anti-Western attacks will originate from them -- much as the British can be assured that their released Terrorists have not been rehabilitated and will be looking for new ways to pay back the nation that has graciously taken them in and given them welfare entitlements beyond the dreams of the people who still live wherever it is they came from.

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