Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Duffy and the Pit Bull

I have seen feral dogs at the river, but I don’t think this pit bull was one.  He was too friendly, and too tractable.  He was an in-tact male and tried to mount Ginger, but she took it as play and bounced him off.  When he tried the same with Sage I told him to stop and he did.  Duffy and the Pit Bull tried to be dominate each other.  I didn’t let that go on too long. The pit bull weighed at least 40 pounds, and at his last weighing, Duffy was 15 1/2 pounds. 

As to where he came from?  I have no idea.  Just suddenly he was there.





In the one below, Duffy had just kicked up some sand perhaps to signify that he was the top dog around here, but the others weren’t paying attention. 




Back at the Jeep I gave the dogs some water before we headed home.  The Pit Bull drank more than anyone.  Did I take him home?  No, but the thought crossed my mind.  There is a fellow living on the other side of Gray Wood that has dogs.  I hope this was one of them. 

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