Saturday, January 15, 2011

Olympus E-1, first day


I decided to buy an Olympus E-1 for a few reasons.  The E-1 is weather-proof.  It is a “pro” camera and therefore designed for 150,000 shutter actuations.  Also, it is still touted by many “pro” photographers for its various attributes.  It sold new for $1500 in 2003 and I bought mine, with a few cosmetic defects, for $175.  I haven’t mastered enough of it to be posting any photos, but I will anyway:

Here is one of a cactus pad.  One normally photographs flowers (with a tripod) to check a camera’s ability, but this was as close as the river could come (and no tripod):


Olympus owners are said to be especially partial to blue.  I’m no exception:


The E-1 does well with greens as well.  Here is Duffy assuming a king-of-the-mountain pose on a grassy knoll.


And here is Ginger tip-toeing through some grass.


I especially like this one of Duffy through the barbed wire.


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