Monday, April 18, 2011

Coyotes in the fog, 4-18-11

[E1 & 14-54mm Zuiko lens]

This was a day when I set the camera to capture the most light but even then could only take pictures in the brightest areas.  If we entered beneath the trees or into the shadows, my camera saw this:


The last few times we went to the river it was hot, so here is Duffy under a favorite shade tree, but there is no shade:


The fog didn’t come all the way to the ground as you can see – for we got as wet as if it had been raining.  I had my one waterproof lens and later looking at the photos on my computer could see faint water spots.


Then at one point I heard what sounded like the terrified howl of a child which resolved itself into the screeching of a coyote.  I looked around frantically for Duffy.  I imagined the howling conveying, “come on you coyote pack-members.  I have a nice Duffy breakfast for you.”  So I rushed back toward the sound. 


The coyote kept it up so I readily found where they were, but just as I was trying to figure out how best to get to them, Duffy came up beside me with a “what’s going on” look on his face.   In this next photo Duffy was standing beside me as I called Ginger & Sage to come on back the other way with us.  They were interested in the howling but not inclined to enter the bushes themselves.  Notice the hackles on Ginger’s back.



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