Friday, April 8, 2011

Duffy, Foxtails & a rainy day, 4-8-11

[E1 & Zuiko 18-180mm lens]

One of my many worries about Duffy has been how he will handle the foxtails.  Ginger and Sage have stood above them, but Duffy isn’t tall enough as you can see below.  Furthermore, he loves to wallow in them.  At one point they were so plastered to him that I almost despaired.  I kept his eyes, nose & ears clear and hoped for the best.  He shook himself furiously as he ran along.  And then he buried himself in the sand and wriggled around in it.  After we got home I took him into the backyard to brush and comb him expecting the worst, but he had somehow gotten rid of virtually all of the foxtails.  I found four and none was in a dangerous place. 

About half way through our hike, the sky darkened, and I had just put my camera away (my lens today wasn’t waterproof) when it began to rain.  We walked a good long while in it.  I was reminded of walking post in Korea.




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