Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Photos from a rainy day, 4-6-11

[E1 & Zuiko 14-54mm lens]

I used near-extreme settings on the camera to make use of very-little light.  At some point the clouds dropped lower and it began to rain.  The camera and lens were both water-proofed and so, it seemed, were we.




We encountered a field biologist early in our hike.  She checks the birds at the river every few weeks.  She is especially concerned about a small songbird whose name I can’t recall that she thinks is more prevalent than was first though and may soon come off the endangered species list.  Then, further on we encountered a couple, Dale and Nancy, with a Karelian Bear Dog.  With a description like that you’d think it would be fairly fierce . . . maybe if we were bears . . . .




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