Thursday, September 11, 2014

Deployment with a Becker BK10?

[written on 8-28-14]

Having been an engineer for just about half of my 80 years, I don't like to leave a subject until it is exhausted and so, having found Becker knives, I'm not willing to stop buying them until I have everyone that I think I need. I have the BK2, two of them in fact, and sheaths that if they aren't great are at least serviceable. I have a BK7 which I tend to think I'll hike with more often than the BK2, but I am awaiting delivery of a custom sheath from Skystorm late next month. The BK16 is down in a range already covered by knives I'm happy with, such as the 3/4 sized USMC Ka-Bar. I can't justify the BK11 for hikes. Besides, I already have a Ka-Bar Heavy Bowie.

So just yesterday I took a hard look at the BK10. It stands up to all the tough-stuff Youtube reviewers like to do. Its a bit lighter than either the BK2 or BK7 and might be more comfortable to take on a hike. It is I'm quite sure much better than the Schrade SCHF10 which I looked at as carefully as I could on another thread and found wanting, as anyone can read if they have doubts. I'm not having any doubts about the BK10. At first I didn't like the point, but the idea of it is growing on me. One reviewer went into detail about how the BK10 could be used as a weapon. The point was excellent for that he asserted and demonstrated by thrusting the knife repeatedly into a tree. At this point he recommended the knife to those about to be deployed overseas.

I mentioned in another thread that when I was about to be deployed to Korea during that war, we weren't issued any knives but were allowed to bring our own. I went to a knife store, asked advice and came away with a Case hunting knife with a bone handle (this was in 1952); so the idea that Marines and others about to be deployed to the Middle East today are choosing to take along BK10s intrigues me. Does anyone know anything about that?

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