Thursday, September 11, 2014

Receipt of the Becker BK10 and other considerations

[written 8-30-14]

I expected to like the BK10 and I do. In terms of weight it is slightly over 12 ounces. My BK7 is slightly over 13 ounces and my BK2 is slightly under 15 ounces. So for hiking the BK10 is moving in the right direction. For the hiker, lighter is better all other things being equal. As I was reminded on a hike this morning some knives just won't do. I took the Schrade SCHF10 for a hike and learned it would only stay in the sheath as long as I remained upright. I came near to taking a tumble and resolved to banish this knife/sheath combination from all future hikes. In the case of the BK10. It will fit in the one sheath I can use (for hiking) for the BK2 But I don't like the idea of just one useable sheath for the two knives; so I sent away for a "slim jim" sheath from Skystorm. It is hard to tell too much about this sheath from the small photos, but it looks nice and minimalist, boding well for being able to ride comfortably on my belt.

Skystorm will be sending my a BK7 sheath late in September. I had initially thought the BK7 would be my primary hiking knife, but it is hard for me to be sure when I haven't actually hiked with the knife/skystorm-sheath yet. It may be that the BK10 with the lighter-looking Slim Jim will be more comfortable.

The BK2 was designed to be the only knife you needed in an Armageddon-type scenario, but for other scenarios other knives are available. My emphasis is hiking; so I don't need a BK5 which is excellent around the camp; nor do I need a BK9 which is an excellent chopper. Actually, now that I have the BK10, BK2 and BK7 I don't really need any other knife, but hovering and being considered for my list is the BK17. It is 6.4 ounces, about half the weight of the BK10. My only hesitation about putting the BK17 on my list is that it is the same weight as the Ka-Bar 1250 and its ilk; which I like a lot. This is 3/4 the size of the USMC fighting knife. The blade of the Ka-Bar 1250 is 5 inches, long, a bit longer than that of the BK17. If anyone has an opinion about the relative worth of the BK17 (or 16) versus the Ka-Bar 1250 et al, I'd be interested. I've already got three of the 1250-type knives; so do I really need a BK17?
If you read any of my observations about the Schrade SCHF10 you would see that I was extremely uncomfortable with that knife. I was on the other hand instantly comfortable with the BK10. The sheaths are another story but since just about everyone else likes them, I'll say no more (at least in this note). Do I feel the same way about the Ka-Bar 1250, that is, comfortable? That is a complicated question. Having been in the Marine Corps I have a fondness for the USMC Ka-Bar fighting knife and the 1250 is a miniature version of it; so yes I like it a lot, but I have to admit that I have my doubts about it. It is so small that I wonder how it would do in an emergency. (How would the BK17 do I might wonder as well.) With the BK2, BK7 and BK10 I have no doubts. I'm completely comfortable. And if Skystorm comes through with some decent sheaths I'll be a happy man.

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